Countdown to Lift-Off

Teachers, take heart! In less than two months, you’ll be free.

Free to trade your teacher bag for a beach bag, or better yet, a fanny pack…

fanny pack

Don’t forget matching bangles.

swap your textbooks for a beach read or a glossy magazine…


Just you, David Sedaris, and the sea…

ditch your gradebook for your journal, sketchpad, passport (or all three!) …

passport book

Time to add new stamps to your collection!

trade school projects for home projects…


A little gardening, perhaps?

— And those hours of grading?


How about hours of Netflix watching, sunbathing or sitting in a coffee shop to just…
you know, drink coffee?

No grading to see here!

No grading to see here!

Don’t you feel lighter already? 🙂

And for another boost to cap off Teacher Appreciation Week, check out

It’s an app for sending teachers thank-you notes created by engineering students at Olin College!

I discovered it via Twitter amid all the #thankateacher tweets.

From the website:

“We want more people to look back and thank their teachers; they put a lot of energy into helping us get to where we are today.”

Amen! And let’s keep the good vibes going: please send me any thank-you notes you’ve received. I’d love to publish them!


5 thoughts on “Countdown to Lift-Off

    • I really enjoyed this piece, especially the small moment between you and the accounting instructor. Thanks for sharing it.

      Your portrayal of the adjunct v. tenured hierarchy is so depressing — yet another example of how good teaching is devalued in our society. I’m glad, though, that you could end your last day today on a positive note. I will have to check out Lawrence of Arabia and The Seven Pillars of Wisdom…

      Anyway, congrats to you and all the best for your Life After Teaching!

      • I’ll still be teaching — but not there. I’m going to return to teaching English part time and see how that goes. Possibly I will fully retire next year. I didn’t too many changes at once. Thanks for reading!

      • Thank you — I’m looking forward to it very much. I’ll be teaching literature for 8 weeks which is actually like a vacation and then, in fall, instead of 7 classes, I’ll have 2 or 3. 🙂

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